Monday, December 15, 2008

Done With the Mayor!!!!!

I can't believe that I am finished with the mayor ornament for my daughter. I thought for sure that it would have taken a lot longer. It probably took me about 10 hours to make it from beginning to end since I work very slowly. It came out about 7 inches tall. All in all it has been a very productive day. Now to take a project off of my to do list.

I told my daughter that I finished the ornament and asked her if she wanted to see a photo of it or wait until she comes home on Friday. She said that she wanted to be surprised. I can't wait for her to come home because I miss her a lot.

I am sure my daughter and husband are already thinking about what ornament I will be making next year....

Let's see will it be the ghost dog? Oogie Boogie? I'm not sure which one I will make from the movie next time...

I have a whole year to decide.


  1. Oh my gosh, he's fabulous...Wow, I love it!!!!!! Your work is absolutely awesome and I mean that in the highest regard...hugs, Skye

  2. Chris - he is awesome. You sure do
    great work. Your daughter must have some wonderful decorations. Do you have pictures of the other decorations you've made for her?

    Good job! You sure accomplish a lot. Shirley

  3. You are so creative. The Mayor is amazing!

    The special ornaments you make for your daughter will give her the warm fuzzies each year she uses them because of the love in each stitch.

    Merry Christmas

    Pat L in NY

  4. OMG he's great! You do wonderful work, thanks for sharing.

  5. You have done a wonderful job on your mayor. His expressions are wonderful... 7" tall. How can you get all that into a skinny little 7"? I hate to burst your glow but, are you making some extras of these cute ornaments? Daughters tend to want to take them with them when they set up their own households.... just a thought that you might like some too! Good job! B.


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