Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Asian Quilts

My dear daughter loves all things Asian from video games, to animated films, to food. She even took Chinese for 2 semesters last year at MIT. I can’t even imagine trying to learn a language like Chinese. I had a hard enough time learning Spanish and Latin in high school.

Here is a photo of her that her boyfriend took over Christmas week.


She hates having her picture taken even though she always looks great in the photos.

She loves Asian things so much that I have made her 2 different quilts with an Asian theme. The first one is called “Japanese Garden.” I made this from a pattern in New Zealand Quilter for her high school graduation. Here are some photos of the quilt.

japanese garden garden closegarden close2

I fused the circles onto the black fabric and satin stitched the edges. I also fused the many hexagon “cherry blossoms” and used invisible thread to stitch them onto the quilt. Here is the beautiful label that I made for the back of the quilt.

label The back of the quilt was pieced so I could use up the Asian fabrics so it is just as interesting and beautiful as the front. When she has a wall large enough to hang it I will have to sew a sleeve onto the back.


I also made her a smaller quilt showing a temple scene from Japan. The pattern comes from a series called “Postcards from Japan.” This quilt currently hangs on her bedroom wall.

We are planning to go to Japan on vacation this summer. DD has been begging to go to Japan or China for years. Now that she has a digital SLR camera I am sure she will take some wonderful photos while we are there. I hope to make her a quilt of one of her photos.



  1. All of your work is stunning Chris, but I particulalry love these Asian themed pieces, amazing!

  2. The Asian quilt inspires me to pull out some of my Asian fabric. I love it.


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