Monday, January 12, 2009

Windows Live Writer

I think I found a software to make posting photos and editing posts in blogger a lot easier. When you upload a photo to your blog in blogger the photo always ends up at the top of the blog. I don't know about you, but I find this really annoying. With Windows Live Writer you can insert photos and video where you want them. You can work on your blog from your computer without being on the blogger site. The software will connect to your blog and publish your post for you.

Check out this free software. I created this post in Window Live Writer.

Windows Live Writer

Here is a small quilt I gave away to my BIL and SIL for Christmas. It is called Under a Purple Moon.

purple moon As you can see you can insert the photo and even tilt it if you would like to. Pretty cool!



  1. I went over and looked at the Windows Live. Do you have to download? I couldn't figure it out .... I have such a hard time with photos within Blogger.

  2. You have to download it to your computer. When you install it it gives you all kinds of options to tie in with it or install with it. I unchecked a bunch of the stuff in the list.
    When you install it you have to put in your blogger address so it will automatically connect to your blog and get the format of your blog.

    You can open the software from your start menu and create your blog post entry. It is real easy to insert photos. When you are done all you do is hit the publish tab and it posts it to your blog. Very easy.

  3. That Under the purple moon is just beautiful.
    Lucky bil and sil.


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