Wednesday, May 27, 2009

T.Rex and Others Too

Dinolabel Now that I am getting ready to hand quilt a wall hanging for my husband I have been thinking about all of the quilts I have hand quilted in the past.  In fact when I first started quilting that is the only way I quilted.

This dinosaur wall hanging quilt I made for my daughter when she was very young and was into dinosaurs.  It was a based on a pattern by Debora Konchinsky. She has tons of patterns.  Go here if you would like to see them. Critter Pattern Works.

I picked my daughters favorite dinosaurs of all the choices that were offered.  This was one of the first times I used fusible web in a quilt. In fact I used a fusible web made by Aleene’s.   I sure miss seeing that craft show on TV. Plus I learned to do satin stitch for this quilt and sure knew how to satin stitch by the time this quilt was done!

I echo quilted quilted around the dinosaurs with mostly pink thread and quilted the names of the dinosaurs in the border.  I  made the most elaborate label I ever made for a quilt for this one.  My daughter named the quilt.








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  1. Fun quilt, I recognize several of the fabrics as they have mates in my stash. Its fun to compare where they end up. Thanks for commenting on my "Dappled" quilt using the same fabric.


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