Monday, June 1, 2009

Land of My Heart Forever…

piper Well… I got the “Scotland the Brave” quilt basted this morning and ready to hand quilt.  Should be interesting to see how hand quilting goes after not doing it for a decade. 



I used EQ6 to design the quilting stencil that will fill the white blocks. I will mark the quilt as I go along.  The chains will be quilted diagonally through the squares.  The center block of the piper (that is my hubby) will be cross hatched quilted around the piper.

I bought the Mountain Mist White Rose Cotton batting that was recommended on my small quilt yahoo group.  I’ll let you know how it is to quilt….guess I should have tried out a piece before I put it in the quilt!  I will start quilting it tonight.



  1. A friend of mine just started hand quilting a full size quilt with this batting. She's never used a batting so easy to needle through. She is glowing and wished she'd tried this sooner.

  2. I hand quilted last night and the batting is great. The only issues that I am running into is that this is a mini quilt where the blocks are 5 inches so I am running into a tons of seams to quilt through.

  3. Oh..this is sooo pretty! There is something about the blue, black and white...and the geometric pattern I just find beautiful! Your hubby is going to LOVE this!!


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