Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Know That it Has Been a While!

I don’t know why I have not been blogging much lately.  I am beginning to think I am burning out on blogging and internet stuff in general.  I think several things have contributed to this.  First off I have signed up for and have done too many online exchanges.  Some of them have been disappointing.  A few people have not sent what they were supposed to send and some of the things I have received have not been as nice as what I sent out.  I guess that is the way that exchanges go and I should not be disappointed, but I am.  I am not signing up for any exchanges for a while to regroup from my experiences.

Second, I have also had several weeks of really bad poison ivy.  I never had it this bad in the past. I had it all over my arms and I didn’t even do any quilting for 3 weeks.  It is finally going away and I will get back into some quilting this week.

In one of my groups we are doing a secret sister exchanges which involves sending something every 2 months.  The last things I sent in June, I have not even heard on group whether or not it was received by this person. She has not posted lately so I am not even sure she is still in the group.  Since this is supposed to be secret, I am not supposed to contact her directly.  For August I was going to send her a quilted tote bag that I made, but I am not sure if I should send it.  I think I will send her a card without revealing my identity and ask her to post on group if she received the card before I send the tote bag. I guess if she does not post on group, I will break the rule and contact her directly because I don’t know what else to do.




  1. Too bad about the poison ivy! I've never had that but my sister did and it wasn't any fun! Hope you are better now. I like your bag.

  2. Sorry you are getting burned out on blogging. I hate for you to quit so I am glad you are taking a break. Hope the poison Ivy is all better.

  3. How disappointing Chris...and how rude some people are....I know when I hosted a swap on my blog recently I was getting might annoyed with one person who kept saying she was sending on this day or that day. Its just wrong and disgraceful. I would have named her and shamed her in blogland if she had dishonoured the swap as I had stated in the beginning...hugs Khris

  4. Oh dear..sorry about the poison ivy!! I remember having that when I was a kid...soooo not fun!! I hope you don't quit blogging! I think your site is so great and I'm always blown away by the work you do! Hmmmm....if you never hear from that person..I'd be more than willing to take the bag off your hands!! LOL!!! :-)


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