Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back From Vacation

Just got back yesterday from our wonderful week in Belgium and Holland. I did manage to stop briefly in a quilt shop in Amsterdam and I pick up a pattern with canal houses on it. They had the quilt on the wall of the shop and my husband really fell in love with it. Fabrics were pretty pricey so I only bought the pattern. Besides my husband does not have a lot of patience when it comes to visiting quilt shops so I did not want to spend any time really looking. If I had been there by myself I would have looked a lot more. Probably would have bought a lot more as well!

Here is a link to a blog about the pattern and a photo of the quilt.

Little Amsterdam Quilt



Janet said...

It looks gorgeous. I love blue and white.

Bonnie said...

Welcome back Chris. That was a very cool quilt. I'll be interested in seeing how it looks when you make it up.

I suppose school starts for you soon. And, maybe you'll be quilting a bit more too and posting! I've missed your posts. B.

Khris said...

So where's the rest of the holiday pics? lol....hugs Khris

Margeeth said...

Oh yes, quiltfabrics are real expensive over here. I almost never buy fabrics, just plain white for dying.
And yes, where are the rest of your holiday pictures, I would really like to know what you took pictures of when in the country where I live.