Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh My….a Blog!!!

Wow it really has been a long time.  This semester has been really busy and I am glad that my last exam will be on Friday and I will be done until mid January.  I have not really been doing any quilting until last weekend when I started to finish some projects.
I sewed the sleeves on my daughter’s Panda quilt to give her for Christmas.
I sewed the binding and sleeve on my mountain scene quilt and hung it up.
christmas quilt     
I sewed the yearly ornament for my daughter.  This is ornament number 22.  Hard to believe that I have been making them each year for that long.  Also hard to believe that I got it done on December 12. I have never made it that early ever. 
Here is a photo of our tree. Most of the ornaments on the tree are ones that I have made.
And here is a photo of the owl ornament that I made my daughter.  She loves owls.  I found the pattern online at this site.
And for good measure here is a photo of our two kitties sitting and sleeping on my sewing chair. 
Hope you have a great Christmas!

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