Thursday, February 2, 2012

Realistic or Not???

I was going to make the canal house quilt in a blue and orange color scheme.  That is certainly not realistic colors for canal houses in Amsterdam.  My husband prefers a more realistic color scheme. Canal houses are generally red, black, white and brown.   I drew out the basic pattern in Electric Quilt 7 using patch draw to try out colors and fabrics before I start making the quilt.  I had never done patch draw so that was learning experience in itself.

At any rate here are some of the sketches with color. 

Orange and blue and not realistic.


Realistic colors 1


Realistic colors 2


Not sure which way I am going to go, but I need to decide before I start cutting up fabric.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Hi, Chris; (y'all8) I really like the first one with the orange and blue; but I can understand DH liking realistic, too. Of the realistic ones; I like the second, with the colors fading into the distance. But, who asked me. I just love all you do.

  2. I like the colorful version, but I googled Amsterdam Canal houses, and I didn't see any stark white ones in the image search. I did however, see a blue one ;-) If you go for the realistic version I would tame the white to a cream.


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