Sunday, February 3, 2013

Is Blue Still My Favorite Color?

Blue by far for my entire life has been my favorite color. But as I look at some of my quilts I am not sure if that is the case anymore. I like all colors these days. I cannot think of a color that I don’t like and all of them seem to be important in quilts. I like them saturated, grayed, muted…they all have their role to play. I do find, however, that there are some colors that are missing in my stash. I have very few pinks, purples, and yellows. I have lots of greens and blues. I will have to make an effort this year to buy more of the colors that I was not too crazy of in the past.

Even in clothing I have branched out. I use to wear a lot of black, but find that my clothing is very colorful these days. In clothing I tend to like saturated colors…none of those pale mint greens, pinks, peaches, and yellows for me. To me they look too blah. One advantage that quilters have is that we are not afraid to mix textures and patterns in our clothing. Plus we know that things just have to go together and not necessarily match.

Besides finishing up my Flower Power class with Susan Brittingham I decided to take Inspired to Design with Elizabeth Barton. I chose the medium green background for my flower. It is the one that looks the best in person. Sometimes one that looks better in the photo is actually not that great in person. Photos are very deceiving.
I have created some rough sketches for Elizabeth’s class. I like old buildings, arches, and narrow worn steps so I was looking for a photograph to work with that had these elements.
arches2 narrow stairs between buildings
I have to decide which one excites me enough to work with and make a quilt from.
Did you notice that I changed up my blog page? I wanted a new header which I created in Photoshop. While I love my Halloween quilt I thought it was time for a change. I think I had that as my header for more than 5 years! Plus I wanted the header to go all the way across the page. What do you think?
Thanks for reading.


  1. Your new heading looks great! Nice collage of your current work.
    Yes, I like the blue flower on that background.
    It is very interesting how our tastes change over time. I find myself drawn to colors now I never would have considered 5 years ago. Also am putting mixes together I would have cringed at in the past. LOL. Quilting has opened me up to new possibilities.
    NancyB in AZ

  2. That header is so cool - what a brilliant idea!

    I'm about to blog about color too - comparing my closet to my stash. Interesting stuff.


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