Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fabulous Night for a Moon Dance

I have been working on my challenge quilt for the group that makes the 12 inch by 12 inch quilts. The word this time is LUNACY. As soon as I heard the word the only thing that came to mind was the moon. I guess the astronomy background is coming to the surface again. So I went with it.

I decided to try Angelina for the first time to make a shiny silver-gold moon behind a tree. I decided to outline the tree in gold metallic thread to make it stand out against the dark sky. I love the piece of fabric I found in my stash for the sky. I is dark blue and black with spots of white that look like stars.  Now I just have to quilt it and finish the edges.

The other thing that is on my design wall is a lap quilt that I am making to use up my Christmas fabrics. Unfortunately I still have a lot of them left! This did not photograph very well in terms of color. Some of the fabrics are off whites, but mostly they are white.


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  1. Nice composition. I've not worked with angelina fibers but it looks like a good fit for your moon. Looking forward to how you transform his with quilting.

    As for the quilt with Christmas fabrics, I have quite a stash myself and even have a pattern set aside for them. For years now. Gotta get that quilt made, but I will be in the same boat as you - I'm sure I'll still have way more Christmas fabrics left over than I think there should be.

  2. I like the silhouette of the tree against the moon. Nice effect

  3. Hi Chris your quilt looks great, I have not used angelina. Cheers


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