Thursday, October 24, 2013

Traditional Quilts

Even though I am trying to get better at making art quilts I still have to make traditional quilts when I need a new lap quilt. I recently had 2 quilts quilted by a long arm  quilter in NJ (Kitty Zaccaro). I sewed the binding on one of them last weekend to finish it. The maple leaf blocks were from an online block exchange. It took me several years to figure out what to do with the blocks. I finally settled on a log cabin type setting. This allowed me to use up more of my fall fabrics from the stash. Unfortunately the quilt is not as large as I would like it since it shrunk up quite a bit after washing it. I think I will throw it on our guest bed for an extra quilt for a cold night.

The quilt is far from perfect. The blocks from the exchange had a bit of variation in the sizes and I think I am getting less accurate myself when I am piecing. Maybe I don’t see as well???? Well at least it is done and the blocks are now in a quilt.

If you are mainly an art quilter do you still make traditional utilitarian quilts?

I had to add some more photos. Apparently Chowder likes the new quilt. I caught him laying on it in the guest room. He must like the texture of it because he keeps rubbing his head and body over it.

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  1. Yes, I do occasionally make a traditional quilt even though my main focus is art quilting these days. Since it is where I began my quilting and honed my technique, returning to a traditional quilt doesn't take as much mental work and angst and is a nice break. I liken it to comfort food - it certainly puts me in my comfort zone to be back with blocks and finishing something that will see use other than viewing on a wall. When I first made the transition to art quilts, I admit I felt guilty still wanting to work on traditional quilts too, and went through a period when I did not think I could allow both types of quilting to co-exist in my life, but I've come to realize I am not being a traitor to either genre when I switch back and forth.

    I have a large lap size antique reproduction top about 3/4 machine-quilted at the moment - I still can't bring myself to pay someone else to do that, but I suppose that day will come too - while I add beads to a piece of marbled fabric. It's definitely ok!

    I like how you resolved the exchange blocks - very innovative!


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