Friday, April 25, 2014

Have you ever wanted to just throw it out the window?

Sometimes when things are not going well I just want to take what I am working on and hurl it out a window. Can you imagine the surprise of someone outside walking by?

I have been sick for the last few days so that might be clouding my creativity, but I am getting those feelings about my arches quilt. The photo on the left was before adjustments and the one on the right is the adjusted quilt. I changed out the green and blue on the offending arch on the left side of the quilt and replaced the green fabric that read as beige in the photo. I thought that since the lower opening would be in shadow that I should go with a darker rather than a lighter green there. Not sure if I went dark enough, but when I go darker it just looks weird and does not fit in with the rest of the quilt.


The right hand photo shows a bigger difference between the light green and the darker green than is actually the case. The light green in the ceiling is more green than it reads in the photo. It definitely looks better in person than the photo shows.  I already started sewing things down so I guess I am stuck with this. I did try several other fabrics in the lower openings, but this one seemed the least offensive!  Have you ever been working on something and get stuck looking for the perfect fabric and just wish that it would just materialize out of thin air?

Here is the quilt in grayscale to show there are indeed value differences. Makes me almost wish I had done it in grayscale! I did not have the fabrics to do that, however.

Thanks to all the people that sent in comments last week when I did not understand Elizabeth’s feedback about the arch.

Linking to Nina-Marie’s off the wall Friday. Check out the other artists. They are probably having a better week. Nina-Marie has been under the weather as well.

Thanks for reading. Comments appreciated.


Forgot to mention that we went to a quilt exhibit when we visited our daughter in Boston last weekend. It is called Quilts and Color. Wonderful quilts from the Pilgrim/Roy collection. Check it out here.

Next weekend we are going to an art quilt exhibit outside of Philly. Check it out here.

Hard to believe my husband is going along looking at all of these quilts!



  1. Well, I think the changes help and the grayscale version bears that out. Now add that quilting and bring it to life!

    And yes, not feeling well definitely makes it harder to see if you are on the right track. And you are so right about that elusive exactly the right fabric. I've spent hours hunting and auditioning trying to find it!

    Take care, get better.

  2. this was quite a challenge and learning experience wasn't it? I like the idea of gray scale. A series of two. Do It! It would go faster now that you have paved the way, and what an interesting exhibit it would be.
    LeeAnna Paylor
    Not Afraid of Color!

  3. Chris, I think the changes you made are just right -- but I think that green (the piece substituted for the one-that-read-as-beige) has quite a bit of bright yellow in it, which is affecting how it 'reads' to you. A "dustier" green might have been the ticket but if you are committed to this one, you might take a scrap of it and apply some paint or fine grey tulle to see if that knocks it back and puts in the shadowy effect you seem to be going for. Just a thought. It's a very effective piece and I admire you for taking on all those curves!!


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