Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fog sketches

We have to do a landscape for our May master class lesson. We are supposed to remove things from our landscape and rearrange things to make a good composition. Then when we make the quilt we are supposed to add something.

I have been fascinated with fog since I was a kid. I remember standing at the top of a hill and watching kids going down the hill to the school bus stop and disappearing in the fog. I thought that was great. As a young adult I remember running in Acadia National Park in Maine in the fog. I recall how the fog made me feel like I was in a world all by myself. It muffled the sounds around me as well as muting the colors of my world. It was like running in a soundless, colorless world.  As a meteorologist I always love discussing how fog forms in the classes that I teach. This time of year we get a lot of fog. The days are getting a bit more humid and the nights are still cool so fog forms. I have always wanted to try to make a quilt of  woodlands in the fog. In my mind that would mean making a quilt with very low contrast since fog reduces visibility and lowers contrast. I want to convey the fuzziness of the world in the fog.


Here are my sketches. The first is the original sketch and the other two are cropped versions of the sketch. I forgot how much I missed sketching until I took this class. It is fun doing some sketching again. I tried to show the fuzziness of the woodlands in my sketches and it should be interesting to show this in fabric.






So what did I take out? Lots of the trees.

What did I rearrange? The trees to get uneven spacing of the trees.

What will I add? I am thing of adding a bagpiper piping in the woods. My husband is a piper so I will use a silhouette of him. Not sure where I will place him yet and I may still have to rearrange trees to pick the perfect spot.


I used his silhouette in a quilt before so I may use the same one.  You might remember this quilt that I made for him about 5 or 6 years ago.


What do you think? Do you think creating a quilt of fog is something that can be done?  Have you ever tried it?

Well only final exams and some meetings and I will be free for the summer…free to create full time if I feel like it. Or free to read a book!



  1. I do indeed think you can create a fog quilt. You may find yourself experimenting with paint and sheers or tulle...but yes, I think you could do it.

  2. I tried doing wisps of fog around trees in a night scene long ago, using some kind of sheer for the fog. It was not as successful as I would have liked, and I always thought I could do a better job "next time". As you can imagine, there's been no next time. ;-) But I do think you can pull it off.

    You can see my quilt here - Silver Birches http://tinyurl.com/obd37cs

  3. This quilt could be quite a challenge. In some ways that excites me and in other ways that scares me. Of course the worse that could happen is that it is not successful. Oh dear that would not be the first quilt that did not turn out well!! EB liked the sketches and I will be posting her comments in my next blog. I plan on dyeing some fabrics today and tomorrow. I am going to do some white cotton, unbleached muslin, and some silk organdy in grays. Hopefully that will be some things I can use to pull this off.


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