Friday, October 3, 2014

“It’s Rigged” It’s done.

My lost and found edges quilt is done and I have received feedback from EB about it. I have to admit that I still need to face it, but will work on that later today.  This one turned out 15 in by 30 in.

I decided to quilt a lot more wind turbines in the background. It was one of those things that just sort of happened. I quilted 3 of them and that did not look right so I began to quilt more and more to fill the space. That is weird sometimes how the quilting just seems to happen. Here is E’s feedback:

“A great title!! I do love puns...especially political and environmental ones....and the quilt looks very good.  I like the idea of more turbines - as yet invisible but in our future. I know what you mean about the pin heads and  the French knots - those little dots were a little cute!! but fun, but we really don't want the oil rigs to be  cute and fun.  So absolutely you made the right decision.  When you look at an image though you do see Everything that's there, and sometimes it is hard to subtract something like pin heads...I've repeatedly asked at quilt shops for black headed pins, but they always seem to think I'm joking!!!  but i think they'd be really useful. I particularly like the fact that you're really working in a series with these assignment...I think you'll be able to make the next one work for you!!”

I was glad that she agreed with my decision to remove the dots. I certainly debated too long over the dots!

Now we have our next lesson and I could make another energy quilt. The lesson is about color setting the mood of a quilt. So now what? Fracking? I know what colors I could do in that to make it scary. I also thought about wind turbines close up and from the air (from their viewpoint). I know what colors I would use there as well. I guess I will make sketches of both ideas.

What to do you think?

I love comments, but I don’t usually don’t get too many. I am going to have to figure out why that is the case when I retire….only 10 more weeks of teaching to go and then retirement! Hard to believe. I do have some “interesting” (and not in a kind way) students this semester. Students that are showing up for the first time during the 4th or 5th week of the semester. I have never seen so much of that as I have this semester. Also a lot of class skipping from other students. You tell them that the lab we are doing this week is critical and 5 students decide to skip it. I don’t know what is going on since I have never seen this before. Maybe this is a new trend? Makes me glad I am at the end of my career. I have seen a lot of intellectual and motivational decline in the 40 years that I have been teaching. These days I also see a lot students that think they are entitled. Signing up for a class means they are entitled to an A even for doing nothing.  I wonder what the future holds. Well enough of my rant about students. When I retire I can concentrate on my art and writing great blogs!

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  1. I really like your work nd your blog. Not being a ^green^ minded person does not take away from my pleasure in seeing your work.
    I envy your being able to take Es class but being 87 does have its limitations LOL, How I wish I could have taken some of these classes years ago.

  2. Didn't this come out great! I really like the extra quilted wind turbines. Wonderful things happen when creativity takes over.
    I have been commenting on your blog and 2 others that are set to pre-approve each case, I get a message the email was undeliverable. I an trying a different ID; maybe my google account is at fault.

  3. You know I liked at least some of those 'dots'...but the quilt looks great, and the added 'invisible' turbines are a wonderful touch.

    I live in Alberta -- rigs in rancher's fields here, and turbines farther south, near Lethbridge, where it's "all wind, all the time". ;-) No one believes me when I tell them I've visited Syncrude at Fort Mac and seen not only the really big equipment but also the reclaimed land and the bison there...

    Energy is a mixed blessing. Good luck with inspiration for your next piece!

  4. I was going to comment on the class blog, but decided to wait to see if you posted (pretty sure you would) since it is hard to know if comments ever get read on the class blog.

    I think this piece is nigh on perfect! The contrast of oil pumps and wind turbines is vivid and the quilted multitude of wind turbines, promising.

  5. I absolutely love your quilt. That's probably because it's my childhood in a picture. I grew up in west Texas, in Odessa, which was a huge oil field town in the 50s. As it happens, I disagree with Elizabeth. I would be happy with a field of derricks and cute "horses" around my house. =) It's comforting to me because childhood was good there with oil and cotton fields and sunsets of beauty and lightning storms of magnificence. Claire pointed me to your blog, because we just had a long discussion about naming vs. numbering. I'm for naming. =)


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