Friday, January 30, 2015

Stress sewing

I finally got to work on my gradation kit yesterday and the day before. It was mainly sewing to alleviate stress. Boy do we have a bit of it these days. None of it is life threatening, but mostly the inconvenience stuff.

  • I am trying to get my retirement benefits sorted out. Tiaa-Cref sent me a distribution from my retirement account  before they were supposed to and the state of NJ did not like that. My health benefits and life insurance hinges on getting this right. I just wonder if anyone can get stuff done correctly these days. Everyone tells me it will get sorted out, but it does make me worry and lose some sleep.
  • We are building a house and ready to sign off on paper work that was first given to us in November. All of a sudden there is an additional $6000 charge added. Where the hell was this back in November? Not happy about this.
  • We are getting our house ready to sell and that means super cleaning, painting and fixing things. I could certainly live without those things.
  • I had a problem with an order from Interweave and did not receive the materials I was supposed to receive. I contacted them via email with no answer. I finally found a phone number after 30 minutes of digging on the internet and got it sorted out.

So in all of that I am glad that I am working on a kit and don’t have to do any thinking about creating an art quilt. Good thing I am not taking the master class this year! Although an art quilt might be a good way to express all of this stress. Will have to think about that.

Do you sew to relieve stress?

Has anyone been reading my Weather Monday blog? I notice that I lost a follower after I started posting it. I guess someone was not happy with it. Do you like it or should I skip doing it?

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Thanks as always for reading…..back to the sewing…still stressed out today.



  1. oh yes... I mostly sew to relieve stress. A kit is good for that, and playing with scraps.
    I turn to paper piecing and freeform curves for stress.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. Depends on the nature of the stress. Knitting is my First Love (from age 8 -- well over 50 years now) and when my DH died in '06, all my hands wanted to do was knit. Gentler stress? I often add piecing into the mix. Scrap quilt stuff. Something about cutting strips and chain-piecing blocks is so relaxing!

    I now have 2 friends in retirement who are building houses. What's with this? Aren't new houses and landscaping and the whole nine yards meant for youth and energy?! No wonder you're under stress! ;-)

  3. Keep the weather posts coming! My husband, the Weather Channel addict, is enjoying them too.

  4. I do sew to alleviate stress. Creative outlets are good for that problem. You are juggling quite a few plates right now. I love your quilt, stress looks good on you.

  5. I do like the weather posts. I have already learned much. If it works for you, please continue them. I usually read when I am really stressed. I have always been able to get lost in a book.
    NancyB in AZ

  6. If you weren't coupling the weather posts with a coordinating quilt, I might question them but by sharing this other major interest in your life, the reader better sees where some of your design inspiration comes from. It's a subject we. get exposed to early on in our education & then not much more. The weather channel has sure changed that! I say keep doing these posts until you yourself are no longer interested in doing them.

    As for stress sewing, handwork has always been the thing to clear my mind of worries and relax. Knitting, embroidery, beading, hand quilting - they all can take me away. Mindless sewing at the machine like chain piecing can also do that. I think the repetitive motion is the thing with both & with the machine the sound of it.

    Very striking quilt! I see why you chose it.


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