Friday, February 6, 2015

I have what I have….

How many times do I start a project and wonder if I have the “right” fabrics? Maybe I should go out and buy more….

My current project which is a king sized Amish ocean waves is no exception. As soon as I started cutting fabric I began to wonder if the fabrics and colors I had were good enough. The point of this project was to use up the solids in my stash and to have a quilt for our new bed in our new house in August. This was inspired by the quilt exhibit we saw last year in Boston called Quilts and Color. The exhibit was beautiful and my husband loved it. So what better way to use up my solids? Plus I have always wanted to make an ocean waves quilt.

Well I started cutting fabrics and  the usual doubts that I had the perfect fabrics in my stash began. But eventually I thought I better stop that thinking. The point was to use up my fabrics and not to buy more. So I decided “I have what I have….” I just have to keep going and shut off that nagging voice in my head. You know the one…the perfectionist.


So far I have 320 half square triangle blocks sewn. I think I have to make something over 900 total.  They are going to be 3 inch blocks. Don’t they look beautiful together? My husband said wow when he saw them. Plus I am sure he is pleased that I am using up fabric. I am making 8 half square triangle blocks at a time using Karen Walker’s method at Craftsy. I will have to buy some fabric for borders and backing, but that will come later. Lot of triangle blocks to make.





I am also using the Quilt in a Day half square triangle ruler to trim up the squares by only having to do 2 cuts. It is a very useful tool.


The ruler lined up with the seam line of the block before opening it up. I am cutting my squares to 3 1/2 inches so they will finish at 3 inches.






Making the 2 cuts with rotary cutter.







The block opened up, pressed and dog ears cut off.








Some of my stress of last week has gone away. My retirement has been sorted out. We decided to bite the bullet on the extra $6000 charge on the new house. My current house is going to be listed to sell today and has never been cleaner. I did finish the top from the Craftsy kit that I was working on. Now I have to decide if I am going to quilt it or send it out. I am tempted to send it out.

Do you have similar doubts when you start working on a project? Do you go an buy more fabric or do you use what you have?

Well I am off to sew another 80 blocks. Linking to Nina-Marie.

Thanks for reading….



  1. I sometimes buy fabric before I start, but once I'm up and going I never buy extra - I enjoy the challenge of finding something from stash and making it work. Ocean Waves is one of my favourite patterns and your colours look lovely - this will be a stunning quilt.

  2. Wonderful colors! This is going to be a great quilt. And if you are going to move you really need to use up stash. No buying more! I know it's hard, I do the same thing which is why I have loads of fabric also. It can be a curse but more often a blessing.

  3. Good for you, Chris. Stick with it. I keep reminding myself Mother Nature doesn't worry which colors go together...when I am doing a scrappy project. It does look beautiful. How nice that hubby likes it too. This will be gorgeous when finished.
    Good luck, I hope your house sells fast. My son's sold in 10 days in CT. Having to keep a house in perfect condition for a showing is a pain.

  4. I won't admit to never having doubts...especially as most of the time I "work small"'s when I come to making a larger piece or a bed quilt (like one on which I'm working for my son and future DIL) that I wonder...but the determination to use what I's strong these days. Your HSTs are beautiful...and perhaps you have some white/off-white cotton that could be dyed for more if need be?

    Look what JC did with 5 loaves and 2 fishes.

    Stay on course and...when you need it, it will be there!

  5. Oh, I hear you on having doubts. Sometimes I succumb and buy more. Sometimes I make do. I love the idea of using up fabric rather than buying more. The triangle squares look great. Keep plugging away!


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