Friday, February 19, 2016

And now for something completely different

A while ago I was asked by a new blogging friend, Alida, to join a challenge to make an art quilt inspired by a work of art.  You may have noticed that Nina-Marie was asked as well.

I have decided to use one of my favorite paintings as the starting point for this challenge. Finally in the 1000 page book that I am reading on Van Gogh he is painting Starry Night. I am almost 80% through the book!

I changed up the colors in the sky in Photoshop and decided to overlay a power plant along a river on top of the red-orange and turquoise sky Van Gogh sky. I still have to work on the power plant overlay to make it more interesting. I know that Van Gogh loved to use complimentary colors in his paintings so I wonder if this sky would please him. Or maybe he would think I was nuts.

Of course the next question is how to create the sky and the water. I am tempted to paint them rather than doing snippets of fabric. At least I might try that first. I guess I could paint and then overlay fabric where needed.  So the challenge begins.

Another project that I am going to start is a school house quilt in red and white. I am going to hand quilt it to have something to take to quilt meetings and visits with my dad and MIL.

 I threw in some white to see how white will look with the reds. I am looking forward to making a traditional quilt and doing some hand quilting.

 I am nearly done with the quilting of my abstract blue quilt. Now the decision will be whether to face or bind it. I am leaning toward binding it in the kona cotton black because I find binding so much easier.

Binding or facing???

A close up of the cross hatch quilting. I decided to mark the lines in the border with white pencil. Marks can still be seen. You do have to fudge (adjust a little) the spacing in some spots since it never works out perfect in terms of fit. I made the spacing of the cross hatch in the borders twice that of the inside of the quilt.

Our cat seemed to think that a quilt on the floor is an invitation to lay on it and take a bath. What's a little fur on a quilt covered in batting fuzz and thread?

Thanks for reading.


Laney said...

So many fun projects in the works! Love the Van Gogh inspired quilt idea!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Now that is a pretty exciting take-off on a familiar painting. The red sky so perfectly fits the theme you will be imposing - bringing in the energy theme again with the power plant. And to be reading about Van Gogh when he was working on it - well, I can't think of anything much better! Good luck with the painting. Worth a try for sure.

As for your abstract quilt, I really did wonder if the cross-hatching would work (perhaps I've already said that) but now that it is done, there's no question. Just really perfect, and the larger grid in the black areas is a good choice too. Binding's the way to go on this one.

AlidaP said...

That is my favorite painting too!! Your color change is just amazing! I think Van Gogh will really like it AND he will think you are nuts, which would be a pretty big compliment considering ;) I am looking forward to see how you translate the painting into fabric!

Chris said...

I can't take credit for coming up with the cross hatching. I got the idea from Jacquie Gering in my craftsy class called "Creative Quilting with your Walking Foot." That is what she suggested when I posted a photo of the quilt. I don't think I would have thought about the larger cross hatching in the border compared to the blue blocks.

QuiltSwissy said...

What a fabulous combination of ideas! Can't wait to see the Van Gogh Power Plant