Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A trip down memory lane...

I just hung one of the dresses that I made my daughter in my sewing closet. I usually made her a dress at Easter and Christmas every year when she was very young. I don't know why I did not save more of the dresses that I made her. I only saved this one...don't know why. I guess I liked the fabric.

She was cute in this dress, but then she was cute in all the dresses that I made her. I think that I even made us both matching dresses a few time.

Did you make clothing for your kids?

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  1. Well, my mom did not fancy herself any good at anything but the most basic sewing. (I remember her making flannel pajamas for me once but that's about it). It was her sister who had the talent for making clothes, even without a pattern. She made several smocked dresses for me when I was very young - 3 to 5 - which mom saved and I still have. When I got older, I got her hand-me-downs which she'd alter if necessary. I remember her taking me to the local department store right before school would start to pick out a store-boughten dress for the first day - a very big deal when so many of my clothes were her cast-offs.

    But then I hit junior high and took some sewing classes and I was off and running. I not only made almost all my clothes through junior high and high school, but started making clothes for mom too. And yes, I made us a few mother - daughter outfits. Not necessarily using the same pattern for both of us but the same fabric and detailing. It was fun!

    I didn't have kids of my own but I've made the odd outfit for nieces and the god-daughter when they were little. Kids clothes are fun to make - at least they used to be.


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