Friday, February 3, 2017

Productive Week

We had about 6 inches of snow on Tuesday so I decided to do some snow dyeing. I used blue, brown, and a touch of black. I put fabric in a pan then added my metal rack on top of the pan and added more fabric on top of the rack. After topping the fabric with snow I sprinkled the powered dyes and waited for the snow to melt which took a long time. After all it takes a lot of energy (heat) to melt ice....80 calories per gram. A gram is about the mass of a raisin or small paper clip.Think about that when you see how much of the Earth's ice is melting...takes a lot of heat to melt that volume of ice.

The ice melts and creates intersting patterns on the top fabric and the drippings go down to the fabric on the bottom of the pan.

The top fabric.

The bottom fabrics.

The other thing I accomplished this week was to come up with and start working on a design for Elizabeth Barton's new class called Mod Meets Improv at Academy of Quilting.

I drew up my design on my ipad. E suggested that I make the lines straight rather than curved. Curved improv is for a later lesson.

Here is my original design.

The design with straight strips.

My strips on my design wall. You will notice that I have added some white strips. That happened when I took off one of the strips and the white of the design wall showed. I liked white so added a couple more white strips. I have started sewing them together today. Still have to create those inserts on some of the strips.

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  1. Great snow dyes. We haven't had enough snow here this winter to do it.

  2. Love the addition of the thin white strips. It provides a wow factor to the piece.

  3. Your snow dying is beautiful. We never get enough snow to try this out :)

  4. Off to a good start! We got about 3 inches of very powdery snow today. I think I am going to do some snow dyeing tomorrow - it will still be there, possibly a little more. I want to try folding rather than scrunching.


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