Friday, September 4, 2009

Some Vacation Photos

Finally I got some photos from my husband from our vacation in Amsterdam and Bruges.  He did not take too many photos so I did not have a lot to choose from.



My daughter, Kelsey, having a beer our first night in Bruges at a restaurant in the central square area.

kelsey beer

A windmill in the Bruges area. We saw this on a bike ride.  Unfortunately this was the day my daughter’s camera was stolen.


Amsterdam canals.

amsterdam 2


My daughter’s boyfriend eating pancakes in Amsterdam.  Imagine how many calories these are…yikes!  I did not eat much of mine and managed to lose 2.2 pounds on vacation.  We did a tremendous amount of walking.


All of us outside a dive bar called Gollem.  We went to this bar twice while we were there and had a few beers.




  1. Nice pictures, Chris.
    I have absolutely no idea how many calories are in a pancake. I guess it really depends on how big the pancake is (when eaten in a pancake restaurant, probably enormous) and how much fat they have used baking it. What I do know is that when I bake pancakes, I eat two; but when we go and eat them in a restaurant, I will have eaten enough after eating only half.

  2. Well..what you may lack in quantity you certainly made up for in quality! These are great picks Chris!! What a fun trip!!

  3. wow what a great trip....would love to go there one day too...hugs Khris


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