Monday, September 7, 2009

New Kitties in the House

My daughter raised 2 kittens this summer that were abandoned by their mother (a stray) at 3 days old. Initially she had to syringe feed formula to them every two hours. They are now about 9 weeks old and are a lot of fun. We have adopted them for her until she is done with school.  We have to keep them separate from our other cat since we are not sure how he will react to them. He can be really nasty.

My husband got a photo of the girl (Panini) tonight.  The boy is called Chowder.  He also took some video to send to our daughter.

Here is Panini sitting on one of my quilts.




  1. OMGosh Chris!! HI!!! I know it's been forever...but once again..I'm trying to catch up on my favorite blogs. This kitty is TOOO cute!! And how wonderful of you and your daughter to give these kitties a second chance at life! And I understand keeping them separate! I'm sad to say my boy kitty Samuel wouldn't be happy with the company either!!

  2. She's adorable! Won't it be hard to part with when your daughter wants her back? Janet

  3. I think it will be hard to part with the kitties. I guess we might end up keeping them!

  4. In general, older cats do not hurt small kittens, so you could try to put them together and see what happens. But, I would do it under strict supervision, because sometimes male cats that are not neutered (?) kill kittens so they can impregnate the mother sooner.

    We have a four year old female cat, who is quite fierce. She fights with all cats in the neighbourhood and has once even scratched a (huge) dog over the nose. But, our neighbour has two kittens who tend to stray over to our garden and house and she only hisses at them.


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