Friday, September 11, 2009

The Whiskey Cruise Was Great!!

We had a wonderful time last night on the whiskey cruise. It was held on one of the Spirit of NY ships that sails around Manhattan. As soon as you enter the ship they hand you a map of where all the vendors for the different whiskeys are located. Mainly the whiskeys were from Scotland and Ireland. You get to taste and learn about what you want. The even had some tasting seminars during the cruise. I did not really know much about whiskey before the cruise.

In addition to the whiskey tasting there was some really good food for dinner....chicken, salmon, a wonderful salad, great vegetables, pasta. So it was not hard sticking to my healthy eating plans.

We were supposed to have really bad weather last night...rain and winds. But the bad weather did not start until our cruise was over. So we were able to go out on deck and see Manhattan all lit up. We went under some bridges which was great. I think one of them was the Brooklyn Bridge. Also last night they had the lights on for the twin tower memorial. That was really nice to see since I has not seen it before. We also went past the statue of liberty. I had never seen her at night before.

There were 14 of us in our group...mainly members of my husband's piping band. We had such a great time we plan on doing it again next year.








  1. Sounds like a wonderful time. I saw the blue lights the first time they did that as we lived in NJ then. Quite a study in contrasts for you to have skyline lights and then those memorial lights, too, on your whiskey cruise.

  2. I would love to have been with you on that Cruise. I have never managed to get to New York, and have always wanted to go there. We still might make it one of these days. I have always wanted to spend some time there.

    It is great to have a piper in the family -- Shirley


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