Sunday, June 10, 2012

Daughter’s New Car

My daughter, Kelsey, is done with her masters and is ready to take on the working world.  She has a nice job lined up at Oracle in Boston, has moved into an apartment near Harvard, and has a brand new car.

We went up last weekend to help her move and buy the car.  She wanted a mini cooper and a mini cooper is what she bought.  Here is her mini in her favorite color….ice blue.

carShe finally sent us a picture of her sitting (and grinning) in the car.


She is so excited since this is her first car. Up to this point she basically just drove one of our cars.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Good luck to your daughter in her new job and apartment and also with her car!

  2. ohh how exciting for your daughter. Lots of new things in her life..and I love the mini cute.
    Hugs Khris

  3. Congratulations to mom and dad for having a daughter ready and able to go out on her own. Cute car, cute daughter. How are things going for you?


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