Thursday, May 24, 2012

Winter Solstice

Just finished my quilt from an online class called “Instant Art Quilt” with Ellen Lindner.  You start with a great hand dyed fabric and tear it apart into rectangles of various sizes and arrange the rectangles in a pleasing manner. Then you add accents.  I decided to add the dark blue-purple tree branches as my accents.  I also got a lot of practice with my free motion quilting on this quilt. It is 20 inches by 30 inches. I used a rainbow variegated thread from superior threads for the quilting.

I will be giving this quilt to my daughter as a table topper.  She is starting her first job and will be in her first apartment.  We bought her some great dishes from Kohls.  I thought this bright quilt would go well with her dishes.

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  1. That looks very cool. I am sure she'll like it and you are so right that those dishes look great with it. Starting out -- what a great adventure.

  2. I'm impressed! I'm not much of a fan of these "instant" designing classes and books, as I think they generate a lot of really awful quilts. But you have put together something truly beautiful. Congrats!

  3. Very nice... how creative! It flows so nicely. Great job.


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