Friday, September 13, 2013

More dyeing and thinking

I am taking Quilter’s Palette and did some dyeing of cottons today. Seems that every teacher has a different way of doing it.  I guess I have to find what works best for me.
I did have some issues with red specks on the fabric. The red dye was not dissolved like it needed to be. I still like the fabrics and they will be great in my quilts, but they did not come out like they should have. I was thinking of adding a little urea to the water to soften it a bit to see if that helps. Urea was added in a different class I took. If this does not help I guess I will have to strain it though some panty hose as suggested in this class. Will have to buy that when I shop this week.
Tomorrow I have to dye some more, go to the quilt store for some fusible web, and work on my challenge quilt. Lots to do!
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  1. I remember having lots of problems with red dye back in the day so was surprised that on my recent dyeing spree it was not a problem In reviewing for my tutorial, two things jumped out at me that I'd forgotten - 1. that a plastic knife or wooden stick mixes the dye powder better than a spoon (I used quarter inch dowels). 2. start by adding about a tsp of water and stir well before adding more water - just a little at a time. It reminded me of the way you have to mix cornstarch to avoid lumps.

    And are you using room temp water? It needs to be a little warm to dissolve the powder. Cold tap water could be the problem.

    Good luck on your next go.


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