Friday, September 6, 2013

More silk dyeing

Last weekend for Lesson 3 of the dyeing we did folding techniques. We were supposed to let the folded silk sit until it dried, but given the high humidity in NJ it was not drying at all. So finally I just washed it out after 2 1/2 days.

These were done using raw silk. The two on the left were folded and the two on the right were squished up in a small tight ball. I like the balled ones more than the folded ones, but I think I would make a looser ball in the future. That way I think you would get less white fabric. I am not sure if I like raw silk. It is not what I imagine when I think of silk. It is thicker and very rough. It reminds me more of linen than silk.  I am sure that I will figure out what to use these in someday.  Just not sure right now….

I did not think anyone commented about my last several blogs until I realized that I had changed some settings and I had to approve the comments.  Oops…so now the comments are posted!

Thanks for all the comments. We came home from Paris 4 weeks ago today and I am still thinking about it. I have never thought about a vacation that long. I guess this was a really great one.

Thanks for reading….onto more dyeing.



  1. Looking good! What a treat to be able to make fabric in colors just for you.

  2. Dying fabrics are a lot of fun. You learn all sorts of things doing it. Of course, my problem is I want to save the dyed fabric for something really I don't use it. Silly me. Raw silk is a beautiful fabric but nothing like the beautiful finished silk. Great pieces.


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