Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another Idea

Boy the brain does not want to shut down at night after a nice glass of cabernet.

Here is my latest idea on how to do the subtle quilting. Rays coming out of the moon representing our gravitational tie to the moon, craters on the moon, and words quilted to interrupt the rays. I drew in green so you could see what I mean. I would probably quilt the craters on the moon in either invisible thread or thread that really matches the color of the moon. The words and rays would probably be done in a medium gray.

So now I am torn between this and the one with the really obvious words.

If I go with this one I think I will print the letters onto silk organza so they are more subtle and somewhat see through so they are not so much in your face. Of course the next decision about that will be whether they look better in color or in grayscale. Will have to scan the letters and print out in grayscale to see how that looks.

What do you think? Or does another idea come to mind?

Thanks for reading.



  1. Don't you just hate it? I guess that's what series are for so you can try all the ideas that come flowing once you start trying things out. Like turning on a tap...

    Of these two, I'm leaning toward the magazine cutouts done on organza. But of course, the other idea has merits too... Lordy - and I wouldn't DARE give you any more ideas - lol.

  2. You can DARE to give me more ideas!!! I have 3 copies of the moon fabric so maybe I will have to do more than one! I guess once I print out the letters on organza I will see if I like that idea or not.

    And what mood do I want? That is a really good question. Maybe I want to shout that we are connected to the moon which means subtle quilting will not be the right one.

    More to think about. Thanks for the input.

  3. Aha! More than one copy, huh? Then you could do a triptych, the different phases of the moon being the different connections or the different moods. Choose your favorite for submission to the challenge. I rather like that idea!


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