Sunday, April 20, 2014

Help needed to understand my feedback! Yikes!!

I am beginning to think I am getting dumber with age. I just got my feedback from EB and each time I read it I think it means something else. Not sure still.

Here is my blocked quilt and her feedback.


gorgeous colors, and love the flow and the doubled lines.
My only suggestion for a change would be to use a different fabric of the arch as for the  support lines off the pillar as I'm adding them together and wondering why one of the support lines (don't know the correct term) bends over sharply in the middle   - so a little clarification at that point would be good - especially as the blue X really forms a focal point.  I think also it might be worthwhile to look for a fabric for the "opening" at the bottom that gives us more a sense of distance...
love the big arching curves!!  and this quilt is a good size: 25" x 38"
It has great presence!”

So I am confused as to what she does not like. Maybe you are better at figuring this out than I am. If you are please post a comment.

Here is a photo of areas I thought she was referring to. Not sure any of these are what she meant.

Is she referring to the dark blue line that curves sharply to the right (pink arrow pointing at this in the photo) or is she talking about the arch on the left hand side near the X? Is she talking about changing out the medium fabric there or the dark fabric there (marked with a ? mark on the photo).

At this point I am thinking she is  talking about the dark blue line curving sharply to the right (arrow pointing at), but I am not sure. Or does she mean all of the dark blue on the support pillar that is on right hand side? Would that be better with a dark green or a different dark blue?

Not sure what she means about distance in the lower opening. In a landscape that means to go lighter with less contrast. Not sure what that means inside in a church. Does that mean lighter or darker?

Any ideas? I did send her an email telling her I was confused about my feedback. Hopefully when she replies I will have a better ideas of what she means.

Additional feedback from EB.

“it is sometimes difficult to do this without being able to point exactly at it...I'm referring to the V shape that is in green and blue BETWEEN the 2 Xes - it's a beautiful Gothic Arch, I don't have any problem with it, but the way it intersects with the pillar on the right - just in your little mockup looks a little odd.

re the loss of's quite possible that what the photo shows is not what will give you the best sense of distance...again I'm looking on my monitor and in reality it might be Very if in the real piece you definitely get a sense of distance with those two "beige" pieces then I'm sure they're fine.  It's just such a lovely abstract of the pillars, arches and light in a church that getting that sense of distant space beyond is worthwhile.  But again, I stress, I am looking at a small photograph and you are the best ultimate judge.  Good luck!!!  a very nice quilt indeed.”

Thanks for your help sorting this out. I am still confused.



  1. Ok, after careful reading of both critiques (and yes, that first one was beyond confusing), I think I get what she's talking about. All your arches, save that inverted v-shaped one between the two x's, use the dark blue almost like shadow whereas the v-shape does not. If you switched the green and blue, perhaps it would read more like the rest of the arches instead of something that seems to float unconnected to the ceiling.

    As for the lower openings, I think I agree with her that the beige color (if that is indeed what it is) is not the right choice. I can't imagine going lighter, but maybe a bit darker and with something that is not a neutral, or if a neutral, one with undertones of the blue. Maybe bluish grey.

    Is that of any help?

  2. Great job on your quilt! I take EB's comment to mean the center arc where the green line is on top and the blue line is below it. At all other places you have the blue above and the green below as a "support"

  3. Yes, I agree with anon on the area. Is EB trying to indicate she wants more depth created by using varying shades of fabric in the arch? Like a slightly drker tone for the more distance area as if in shadow.
    Personally, I love what you did. Great movement in the design.


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