Thursday, April 17, 2014

Did I invent something new???

I have been using Totally Stable ( an iron on tear away stabilizer) for years when I machine appliqué fabric pieces with invisible thread.  In fact I buy it by the bolt instead of in little packages. Lately I have been using it to create the pattern pieces for raw edge appliqué. I trace the piece I need and iron it to the right side of fabric that has been backed with Misty Fuse. My latest quilt, however, has such large pieces that I did not want to use fusible and preferred to turn under the edges. So I figured that I would be working with lots of freezer paper to do this. I decided to try using Totally Stable instead. It works great!!

So now I can use it instead of freezer paper. It is much easier to see through to trace the pieces than freezer paper is and I think that it sticks better to the fabric. The following photos show you what I did.

Tracing the pattern piece.

 Ironing the pattern piece to the right side of the fabric. I have notations on the pattern to show where I need to turn under the edges and where to add fabric to make sure this piece will fit under other pieces. For the turned under edges I have cut the pattern about 1/4 inch wider than the piece.

The piece cut out of the fabric with the pattern still ironed to it.

Now I finger press the edges that need to be turned under. I make cuts in the seam allowance where there are curves just like you usually would do when doing any turned under appliqué. This finger pressing makes a pretty sharp crease in the fabric.

 Once I am done with the finger pressing I give it a good press with the iron.

 Here is the edge all pressed and ready to go.

 Tearing the Totally Stable off of the fabric to give the piece one last press.

Checking the fabric piece against the pattern to make sure it looks good.



Pinning the piece to the design wall.  Not many more pieces to go!!







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  1. I think this may be a new twist! I've seen a lot of different ways to get those edges under but not like this. It makes so much sense, isn't messy, very accurate & easy. I may have to give it a try. Could be something to include if you decide to teach.

  2. Brilliant!! Thank you for the tip.....

  3. ohhh clever - I've been wanting to try this - but then I get lazy and do rough edge because I'm going to put so much thread work in anyways. BUT there are some projects that really call for a nice clean edge! Good luck with those arches! (ohhh and if you ever need arch inspiration - I have a whole arch board on pinterest - I really do have a love affair with them!)

  4. Creative you!
    LeeAnna Paylor

  5. You can never have too many ways to tackle appliqué. This looks like a method worth trying. Thanks for sharing.


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