Friday, April 11, 2014

Made it to the wall Friday

I spent a lot of time this past week trying to figure out what fabric colors to use in my Arches quilt. Initially I thought about yellow and purple, but then decided to try a more soothing palette. After all an old church should be a place to sooth your soul. Or at least that’s how I see it. Plus the interiors of many of the churches I have visited have been cool in temperature which begs for a cooler color scheme. I tried lot of things and at points my studio was a mess, but I kept coming back to greens and then eventually greens and blues. I think if I keep arriving back at the same colors after trying different things I should go with it. I think it is trying to tell me something. That’s how my windmills from February evolved.

Yesterday I went to Staples to have my print enlarged and I hung it on the design wall. To give you a perspective on size, the small print you see is on an ordinary sheet of paper. The size of the quilt looks like it will be about 25 in by 38 in. Now I have a pattern to work with.

The “green thing” you see is my Paris rooftops quilt hanging out sideways on the side of the design wall. This was the January quilt from the master class. I still don’t have that one quilted since EB has been keeping us busy ever since. The greens in this were olive greens. This time I want to use brighter greens.

I think the print looks pretty stunning on the design wall!


I picked out fabrics. Some are my hand dyes and some are commercial batiks or fossil ferns. I love fossil ferns and drool every time I look at the box of 90 of them over at Craftsy. I think the next time they have them on sale I will have to buy them.

My birthday is next Thursday and I debated about asking for them, but decided that I needed one of those Big Board ironing boards more. I might just buy the fossil ferns as a treat to myself one of these days. I should have bought them the last time they had them on sale for around $140.



I have the pattern ready and the fabrics ready so now I have to get to work. I did try out this design and colors in Electric Quilt so at least it gives me some idea of what this might look like. It never really shows what the quilt will truly look like, but gives me something to go on. It was helpful in eliminating many fabric choices. Even so I had my studio torn up an lots of fabrics all over the place.



  This could come out looking really impressive.








I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about retirement. I have been at my current teaching job for more than 30 years. So we are thinking of retiring at the end of this year. When I started college back in 1970 I had to decide whether to major in art or major in math. I made the more practical choice and picked math which eventually led to science and math. Now I am thinking that maybe when I retire  I can start a second career in art. Of course the question is what would that mean? I think since I love teaching so much I would love to teach some art quilt classes. The self doubts ask whether I am good enough for that. Could I sell some of my quilts? Would anyone buy them? Would you buy them? How much would I charge? I know nothing about these things. A few times I have been tempted to add a tab at the top of the blog with quilts for sale just to see what happens.

I was interviewed as a Featured Artist by Deborah Lyn Stanley. You can read the interview at her blog.

Wow I am a featured artist!!!

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  1. Arches is definitely going to be impressive. Love the blues and favorite combo. As to a second career in retirement....go for it. You are that good. You could start with beginner classes; and I think you would quickly see how valuable your knowledge would be. Remember, most of us have never had anyone sit with us and guide us. Most of us are not true artists, but love the creative process and working with color and fabric. You have years of knowledge and experience. You do not have to think of yourself as EB; you have so much you could share on your own. Do you have LQS that offers classes? If so, I bet they would love to talk to you about teaching for them. OK I am done. I am so excited for you and the possibilities ahead.

  2. this is going to be very beautiful

  3. This is a wonderful quilt. I enjoyed the glimpse at your sketch too. It looks like you'd be a dandy art teacher.

  4. Lovely work, and I enjoyed seeing your original drawing of the piece. I think that you should follow your heart and do what you absolutely love.
    Sharing what you love with others is one of the best possible things you could possibly do.

  5. This is exciting! It really does look powerful enlarged. A little surprised that the blues and greens would be so bright, but that will take it out of the expected. I can see how quilting will really make this design even more interesting. Great start!

    And that's a nice interview, featured artist - congrats!

  6. I lead your blog's post title and I thought - too funny - that's how I feel every week when I get something done to post!! The arches look great - of course - I'm bias since I have an arch series going myself! Not to mention you picked my fav palette! Can't wait to see it done!

  7. ohhh and another thing - lol - I never thought I could sell any of my quilts (my personal art quilts - my traditional stuff always sold) when someone at my local fair tracked me down when she saw one of funky praise ladies quilts and wanted to buy it. She paid me enough to pay my mortgage that month! (still shocking) She was from a big city and wanted it for her yoga studio. Anyways - from then on - I've put my work up for sale and most years I sell a few pieces - anywayyssss - so of course your work will sell!

  8. Hey Featured Artist! Your piece is wonderful, inspiring and very striking. Love the color pallet you have chosen! AND you will be a great art teacher. Please consider offering classes online so I can join in:) You have lots to share and yes your work is sellable. Go for it! Congratulations! best, deborah stanley

  9. Retirement is good, but it doesn't give as much extra time as you might expect. Ask me how I know. But you do have retirement income, so you can price pieces closer to what they are worth and wait till someone wants them that much.

    Once a teacher, always a teacher, though the subject can change.

    And I love the colors and your arches--and enjoyed hearing about selection process.


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