Friday, April 4, 2014

Feedback. So it’s time to get to work, Chrissy

Feedback from Elizabeth came in on my 3 sketches. She said:

“Three value studies - which is wonderful - enables one to see right away the huge difference it makes when values are changed...I like the design a lot.  it is well pulled together, but there are interesting things happening in several place.I do think you could make this one fairly big, and it would look better big too.  I very much like the subtle changes in the width of the edge or surrounding can see this clearly at the top X.It gives a really nice sense of depth which supports the gothic feel of the subject. Of the three I like the top one best because there's a beautiful sense of openness to it...the structures have weight, but what they're supporting is light.
I don't see anything that needs changing. It's going to be a very elegant quilt!”

April_CS_sketch1 Of my sketches she liked this one the best.

Funny I was thinking I liked my second one the best! That is the one with the medium shade for the vaulted ceilings from my previous blog. But she does have a point about this one being lighter and more open. I think that was the point of the high vaulted ceilings in gothic cathedrals…open to the heavens and god.

I thought EB would have thought the X in the upper left as being too heavy, but I guess not.



I did make a subtle change to the coloring of something that bothered me about the vaulted ceiling on the far right not being light in shade. Which do you think looks better…original on the left or the revision on the right?



Now my next step is to draw it out in Electric Quilt and try out fabrics in that software. This was really helpful in my line quilt for this class. Sometimes I just cut and re-cut fabrics until I find what works. We all know how frustrating that can be and what your studio looks like during that process. EQ made it so much easier. Here is a sample of what I tried in EQ software before arriving at my final fabric decisions.

lines2 lines3

Here is the final quilt in EQ and the actual quilt. While it is not a perfect match to the fabrics that I had in my stash and I did not draw it out exactly it was pretty darn close to the finished quilt. The actual quilt in on the right.


So now I must get busy because I think I am going to make the gothic cathedral about 27 by 42 inches which is larger than my pieces from Jan, Feb or Mar.

Thank for reading all of my blogs lately. Seems I have been pretty chatty all of a sudden. I guess it is my renewed enthusiasm from taking this class. I am beginning to think that I am starting to grow as an artist!

Chrissy (this is what my husband calls me)


  1. Yeah, the revision. It makes more sense in the real world.

  2. Hi! New to Nina-Marie's link up...Do happy to have found quilters like me!

  3. I like the first original drawing with the white side. The whole exercise is interesting but seems really challenging to me. Are we having fun yet?
    LeeAnna Paylor

  4. Hi Chris! I love your work-Deb Stanley shared your post on her blog, and that is how I found out about you!


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