Thursday, April 3, 2014

Other crafts I have tried

Some of the blogs that I read have reminded me of other crafts I did before I began to focus on quilting.

I did try basket making for a while. I don’t even know how I found supplies because no local art store carried them and there was no internet back then. I think I found an ad in the back of a magazine like Country Living and called them to have them send me a catalog. I made about 6 or 8 baskets and gave most of them away. I still have 3 of them. The one is loaded with my antique thread spools and the large one we use for bananas and other fruit on our kitchen counter. The small heart shaped one in the front holds antique cookie cutters. The ginger boy is from my childhood.

I also did metal punch. Most of those I gave away as well. I still have my metal punched “Paul Revere” lantern. Boy that one was a challenge. Not only did I have to punch some very detailed designs, but I also had to shape it to make a cylinder, create a top, solder a door onto it and electrify it to light it up. I remember very clearly the directions for the lantern. The guy who wrote them was great. At one point he says, “ You are probably ready to kill me right now!”



I really love it when it is illuminated. It creates great pattern on the walls and whatever it is sitting on. This is a keeper.

What other crafts have you tried?

Well we are onto our April lesson in my master class. We have to draw shapes and then lines to connect the shapes. I decided to try doing this with the arches and curved ceilings that you see looking up inside of an old church. The shapes are the curvy triangles and the lines are the arches connecting them. We had to print out our sketch and shade it in in three different ways. I sent my drawings off and await feedback. Not sure what she will say about these.


April_CS_sketch2     April_CS_sketch3

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  1. Those are really nice baskets. I particularly like the tall one. The lamp is great too - I would have expected it to be lit with a candle so kudos for taking it into the 10th century! Love the directions comment. It does sound like a lot of work with the sorts of skills one doesn't usually associate with "girls".

    I tried so many different things in my teens and twenties. There was macrame (part of a college art class - not sure I kept anything from it), cross-stitch, needlepoint, bargello and embroidery - all went by the wayside once I got into quilting. I used to buy kits from catalogs like Herschners too. Anything crafty I'd give a try, as long as it didn't take much more than glue to hold it together!

    You've picked another theme I'm intrigued by. I have a book that is full of lovely black and white photos of the inside of old churches, so lots of these arches. I do think they make an interesting subject. I'm wondering if EB will think the beams crossing to make an x in the upper left is too prominent. I think I like the middle shading the best.


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