Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Bunny and Macaroni..Still Making Ornaments

I managed to find a pattern for some more sewn ornaments starting in the year 1993. My daughter picked the Christmas bunny for me to sew from this collection. In future years I made the cat and the mouse from the same pattern. These ornaments were kinda strange in that they were basically the head and upper torso of these animals. At this point good patterns from the traditional pattern companies were getting more difficult to find and there was not a whole lot to choose from. These ornaments are cute, but I cannot say they are my favorites of the ones that I made her. The bunny is made of felt and was stuffed and is about 5 inches long. Her nose is a tiny fuzzy pink craft pompom ball. Her eyes are painted, but her mouth and whiskers are stitched. I used blush to shade her cheeks and ears, although you can't see that on the photo very well.

1993 was also the year my daughter made her first ornament at day care. It has her picture and gold sprayed and glued on macaroni. I have loved this ornament since the day she made it and I still hang it on the tree every year. It reminds me of when she was just a little "boo" as my husband would call her. It is hard to believe how fast the years went and how quickly she has grown up. My little girl is now in college...

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  1. I am so totally impressed withall of your ornaments..what great talent.. I think we need this as a class on LearningFA.. I am sure Shirley would agree..LOL


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