Friday, November 21, 2008

The Memory Ornament from 1999

Due to the significance of the year 1999 I decided to make my daughter an ornament that we could put information in (kinda like a time capsule). I saw a "purse" pattern in a quilt catalog and used that as the idea for the ornament. The ornament is 4 inches by 4 inches and is made of wool felt. All the applique and blanket stitching were done by hand. It was finished on December 22. This was the year I also made my daughter a pair of rag dolls. She has gotten bored with the dolls so they now reside in my sewing room with the rest of my rag doll collection.

The ornament opens up and inside are 4 pieces of paper. Each of us had a sheet of paper that we wrote on things that we wanted to remember from 1999 and our family. My daughter wrote on 2 sheets of paper so I guess she was really into the time capsule idea. We have not looked at what we wrote since we put them into the ornament in 1999. I wonder when it will be a good year to get them out and read them.

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  1. I vote for 2009! 10 years in the ornament.

    I used to do the same thing with our kids - predictions for the next year - when we got out the Christmas decorations (Dec 1) we opened the predictions - wrote them when we put the decorations away (by Jan 1). Fun memories

    doni @ Oregon coast


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