Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Raining Dogs and Cats

For 5 years I made dog and cat ornaments for my daughter. In 2000 I made a beagle, in 2001 I made a black and white cat, in 2002 I made a dalmatian, in 2003 I made a gray striped cat, and in 2004 I made a doberman. In all of these cases she picked out the ornament for me to make. I had found a pattern for dog and cat ornaments/pins from Keepsake Quilting. All of these ornaments are made in pieces from white velour, stuffed and then glued together. After they were assembled I painted the features on them. The sewing and the stuffing were pretty quick, but the painting took some time. It took several coats of paint to cover the white velour fabric. The dalmatian and the beagle were probably the easiest since they already were white and I only had to paint in some features. The gray cat was probably the most time consuming.

All of the ornaments are very small. The doberman is the largest and that is only 3 inches tall. The black and white cat is a tribute to our cat, Meeko. This is the cat that to this day eats fuzz off of the floor and still puts things like socks in the toilet or his water dish.

The beagle was not finished and hung on the tree until December 24, but the rest of these ornaments were completed by December 19 or 22. After 5 cat and dog ornaments my daughter was tired of them and told me we had to come up with something different for 2005. I wonder who the we was??? I think she meant me!!


  1. Chris: All of these ornaments are so cute. I am impressed that you made them all. They look like they could have been purchased in a high end boutique!

  2. Thanks, Bonnie. I love the quilt you are holding in your photo. It has beautiful colors.


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