Friday, December 19, 2008

Scotland the Brave

It sure is an ugly day in New Jersey. We are having a wintry mix of precipitation as the temperatures hover around freezing. We are enjoying snow, sleet and freezing rain and apparently this is the first of a series of three storms that we are going to have. Today is the first one, the second one is on Sunday, and the third one is on Christmas Eve. Yikes...I am not a winter person. This is the view out of my sewing room window. My daughter is on her way home on the train from Boston today and her boyfriend is going to pick her up at the train station. I will not relax until I am sure she is home safely.

With all my pent up anxiety, I have been working on the bagpiping quilt and I now have the borders on and the letters fused in place. I decided to only use words from the song "Scotland the Brave" across the top and the bottom borders. I used Microsoft Word to create the letters. I picked a font I liked and changed the size to 150. I printed that and traced the letters onto Steam a Seam 2 Lite.

I don't think I will have it quilted in time for Christmas, but at least the top will be done. The next step is to use invisible thread to stitch the letters and the bagpiper down.



  1. Chris: The quilt is wonderful. Whether it is done by Christmas or not won't make much of a difference. I'm sure he will love it. YUCK on that weather. Just repeat it 10º colder here. All snow, a very fine heavy snow. At least it is light to shovel around. I just cleared to front porch and back balcony. (I needed to replenish the bird seed.) And, I guess we're to get those same three storms. I've been holed up in the studio also. But came down for lunch and move the snow around a bit. Probably 4 to 5" already. I wonder if my hubby will be able to make it home from work?

  2. I love your quilt! Very nice!!!


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