Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Christmas Projects Keep Coming

We gave my parents a gift card to the grocery store for Christmas. That tell you something about the economy when that is the type of gift you are buying. I wanted to have something for them to open so I am giving my Dad one of my Santa ornaments (from a previous blog) and I decided to make some oven mitts for my Mom. I never made them before, but they came out pretty good. In the photo they look white and washed out, but the background is shades of tan. They look much better in person.

I quilted the fabric before I cut the mitts out. This was a good way to use up some Christmas fabrics and some batting scraps. I hope she will actually use them. I could hear her saying that they are too nice to use. One year we made them a giant gingerbread girl and gingerbread boy and she had those in the freezer for more than a year before they finally ate them. That year she said they were too pretty to eat!

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