Friday, January 9, 2009

Yeah...22 Maple Leaf Blocks Done!!!!!

I am done with the maple leaf blocks. Near the end I was making some mistakes so it took longer than it should have. I ended up with some wonky half square triangles. I think I sewed on the cutting line and cut on the sewing line....or something like that. These squares could not be used and I did not have enough of the leaf fabric to cut more blocks so I had to start all over and make the block over using a different fabric. This did not just happen one time, but happened two times. How could I let that happen twice???? I think I was just weary and was not thinking too clearly when I was sewing last night. I had to use 8 different fabrics for the leaves and 3 different creams for the background so this was a real stash buster. I have had some of these fabrics for a long time. And I threw away the scraps since I am not a scrap saver unless the piece is big enough. My waste basket is filled to the brim with scraps....a very good feeling.

But at least they are done and this project has been taken off of my project list. Onto the next project...

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