Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Maple Leaf Block Exchange....What Was I Thinking??

Signing up for this block exchange sounded like a good idea back in November. But as we all know thinking about doing something and actually doing it are two different things. I have experienced this so many times during my life. Ask me about the gigantic doll house that sits on my dining room table unfinished. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought an elaborate kit to make a doll house. I should have bought a kit to make a small one rather than one that has an extension and a front porch with a gazebo. I should have bought a small house to make into a quilt store. That would have been fun.

At any rate the maple leaf exchange is certainly not quite the project that the doll house is and we do need a new lap quilt. I thought that this would be good incentive to make one. Our current lap quilts are really starting to fall apart. They have had their share of use and abuse.

I have to make 22 of these maple leaf blocks for the exchange. We don't have to make them all the same so it is a good way to use up pieces in my stash. I have only made 13 blocks so far and I am starting to get weary of making them already. The blocks are 12 inches finished so they do use up a lot of fabric...and that's a really good thing. I am sure I will be happy when I am done and I will be thrilled when I receive all the blocks from others in the exchange. However, right now I just want the project to be over!!! I think I have signed up for too many exchanges in all of my groups and I am starting to feel the overload.

At least I can't eat when I am working....

I think tomorrow I will make the rest of the blocks and listen to some music while I make them. I did not listen to music today. Maybe that's why the project became tedious. Time for an attitude change!


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