Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We are having terrible weather in NJ today so I don’t have to go to school. We were looking at the weather maps yesterday in my Meteorology class and I told my students that we would not have classes today. I am so glad I was right. Now they are going to think I really know what I am talking about!

I decided to work on some Valentine’s day postcards. This one I made for my daughter. She just went back to MIT on Monday and I miss her already. Come to think of it I did not really see her too much while she was home since she mostly hung out with her boyfriend.

Kelsey PC2

The Geisha is from a photo she took with her new camera when we were visiting my parents in Pittsburgh earlier this month. The Geisha was on a sign on the side of an old building in downtown Pittsburgh. She seems to really like taking photos of signs. The cat is our crazy cat, Meeko. Why is he crazy you ask? He puts all kinds of things in the toilet…socks, paper, DD’s hair things. He pushes his water dish around the kitchen and he chases my husband around the house. I decided to sew seed beads to the background fabric to jazz it up.


I made this very pink one for my husband. I think I will send it to his work address so that he is really surprised. Both of these cards were really simple.



  1. Chris - I love your daughter's post card. She will be very happy with it.

    I look forward to seeing the Learningfa cards when they are posted too.

    I really like your blog, Shirley

  2. Cool postcards. They are so fun to do. But, I just realized I blew it big time with some I am making. clever me thought I could get the back and the front all attached to the Timtex and then decorate. WRONG -- I guess I'll peel off the front, the back is fine. Live and learn, eh?

    Your quilting looks great on the pink one. Are you trying to embarrass the man??? Sending it to work? do you send in clear envelopes or without envelopes? Hum, I could send one to my dh at work... LOL B.

  3. I was going to send his card in plastic sleeve, but I think I will put it in an envelope so he will not be embarrassed! He does not get embarrassed very easily and he loves surprises.

  4. Great postcards! And I got a kick out of your snow day prediction and the joy of having your students recognize that you know what you're doing--lol! --LaRinda


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