Saturday, February 14, 2009

“Beat the Winter Blues” PC Swap


I had to make another postcard for a swap in one of my yahoo groups. I decided to create the side of a red barn with daffodils blooming beside it.

I love seeing daffodils blooming in the spring especially after such a long, cold winter like the one we just had or are still having. Seeing the yellow of the daffodils just makes me happy. Also I have always loved the intensity of a bright red barn. I thought both of these could chase away the winter blues.

I tried to make sure that I did some thread painting since that is a skill that I need to improve. I think it came out pretty good, but I am never sure how much I should do for these swaps. Sometimes I feel that I should have done more although this card took about 5 hours from beginning to end since I don’t work really fast.

Now that I look at it I realize that the window is pretty low and very close to the ground. Oh well…too late now! This is a barn for hobbits.



  1. LOve this post card. I dream of having a red barn someday. OH and yes I am hoping those daffodils will start popping up soon , I have had enough of this winter here in NJ too.
    this is one of the most creative post cards I have seen.

  2. It's beautiful Chris! Your thread painting is wonderful! I make postcards for swaps as much for me as the person who is receiving it. I always try to learn or practice a skill that needs work. Makes it more fun and interesting. Sounds like you are doing the same. So the time is an investment in yourself and is always valuable. Janet

  3. Or maybe the sheep use the window! What product do you use to stiffen the postcard? Do you thread paint before the layers are put together. Duh... of course.

  4. I think I used peltex that is fusible on both sides. I fused the peltex to the back of the barn fabric and then I did the stitching. I then fused fabric to the other side of the peltex. I cut the postcard to the correct size and then stitched the edges.

    I loved you sheep comment!

  5. Bonnie, Maybe I should have said that I did create the barn. I said barn fabric, but it was not a preprinted fabric. I cut out the red slats, the green ground, the window and the daffodils.

  6. Chris, your work always amazes me. This postcard is stunning and whoever receives it is a lucky swap partner indeed!

  7. If I were a hobbit...I would LOVE to live in this beautiful barn! I think you are probably the only one who "noticed" that the window was "too low". I really love this Chris!! Beautiful post card!


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