Monday, February 23, 2009

Working On My Landscape Again…

I decided to get my landscape challenge out and work on it today. I am home from school because I am not feeling well, but wanted to get some projects done. So far I have kept my noodle soup down from lunch so I think things are starting to settle down.

I fused the pieces of the landscape in place and sewed the edges of the pieces down with a zigzag stitch and invisible thread. The skinny pieces like the thin trees I just used a straight stitch and sewed right down the center of these pieces.

stitching pieces down with invisible thread

Here you can see the thicker tree with the zigzag stitches and the thin branches with the straight stitch. I know that a lot of people don’t like invisible thread, but I don’t mind it at all.

While I sew the pieces in place I stabilize the piece with tracing paper on the back of the landscape.

landscape pieces sewn down

You can see the tracing paper peeking out and all the pieces sewn in place.

The tracing paper is quite a mess from the back of the piece and I will have to carefully remove it using tweezers. Last summer when I worked on my mom’s house quilt, I discovered that masking tape helps to pull off the tiny pieces of tracing paper and cleans up the back really well.

back of piece

The back is really ugly and a big mess!


The back looks so much better after taking off the tracing paper. It does take some time to remove the paper. I just put on some Loreena McKennitt and tear away.



  1. Your process is so cool! I know nothing about quilting, so I really find this interesting! This quilt just keeps looking more and more wonderful!! Is it officially finished yet? Or do you have more steps?

  2. Thanks, Kathy. Lots more steps to go. I have lots of branches and trees to create with thread, I have to add some leaves with fabric. I want to add some white paint to the water to create the water movement. Then I have to add borders and quilt it.

  3. I tried a new tear away on my last machine appliqued sweatshirt. It tore out very easily and then what was left is suppose to wash out. (I haven't washed it yet so don't know if it will but it should.) I bought it on line the biggest expense was the postage costs. Or so I remember. I am not even sure where I got it. If I want more when it runs out I've got the name of two vendors that it could be in my bookmarks.

    The landscape is looking great!

  4. Wow!!!!Kudos.... Your landscape Quilt is so amazin, actually all of the work I saw is great! bravo... Keep going! sincerely caroline


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