Saturday, June 20, 2009

Isle of Skye


So now I will begin to finish my Isle of Skye landscape quilt.  This quilt was started in the summer of 2005 when I took a class at Quilt University with Susan Brittingham. This was my first attempt at making a landscape quilt and was based on a photo we took the when we were on vacation in Scotland. I think I struggled with everything up to where I stopped working on it. 

I had a hard time picking a sky fabric. I had a hard time picking a water fabric. I had a hard time picking the distant mountain fabrics. At first I had too much contrast in the land directly behind the houses. I was so used to making patch quilts where you want contrast between the fabrics.  I found out that you don’t necessarily want that much contrast in a landscape quilt.

I think I did the cliffs without too much difficulty which was certainly surprising.  So I was working along fine until I got to the ground in front of the houses.  I stalled on the quilt and it has hung on my design wall ever since.

My goal this summer is to finish it.  So I will be starting to work on it on Monday.  I will actually fill in details on the cliffs that I have not completed yet and add windows, etc to the houses before I start the foreground.  I will post as I go along so you can see my progress and check to make sure that I am working on my New Year’s Resolution.



  1. Well, you may have struggled with it, but so far it is wonderful. I want to make one so bad. Good job!

  2. Wow, Chris I really like this :o) I went there many years ago and we took a trip around the island on a bus - the trouble is that it rained constantly and the windows steamed up so we didn't get to see very much!
    My Through the Keyhole Quilt was made in Susan's Landscape Quilt class too - that got me hooked on making art quilts :o)
    I've almost finished my Rhaspody Quilt for showing at The Festival of Quilts in 2 months, so I will be getting on with my House Quilt next - hopefully :o)

  3. Good luck finishing your Skye quilt. It's looking fabulous already.

    And next time you're on the Isle of Skye maybe you'd join one of our meetings?

  4. Oh Chris...this is just beautiful!! It's going to be over the top wonderful once you've finished it! Congrats on taking it up again!

  5. It is lovely Chris. I know you will do a great job. I like the colors you picked and it will be a wonderful
    quilt. How big will it be? Shirley


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