Friday, June 26, 2009

Halloween Postcard for Wellspring

Halloweenpc I just finished a postcard for Shirley, the owner of the yahoo group Learning Fiber Arts.  She just found out her son has cancer.  The group is making postcards to send to her.  She will donate them to Wellspring so they can raise money for Carma House, a center of support for cancer patients and their families.   Over the years Shirley has donated many of her art works to Wellspring.  I am glad to help the center as well.




  1. Chris, I just love it -- thank you so much -- I know Wellspring is going to be thrilled with all these wonderful cards. Shirley

  2. Chris...this is wonderful and what a terrific cause! I wish your friend all the best and that Wellspring gets a lot of donations!!

  3. Did you use some kind of template for your Halloween house postcard?


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