Thursday, May 22, 2014

Misty Morning Piper is still on the wall

At least I have the pieces sewn down and now have to figure out how to quilt this. I thought about quilting “virtual” trees in the dense fog in the background. Not sure what to do with the foreground. At any rate the first thing I will do is quilt in the ditch around all the trees to anchor things down and then decide. I don’t think I want to do heavy quilting on this and I am tempted to use invisible thread to not distract from the misty feeling that the fabric gives.

Do you have any quilting suggestions? I would appreciate hearing them.





I have been eyeing the fossil fern box of 90 fat quarters at Craftsy for some time. Last week when they had it on sale for $138 I decided to treat myself and buy it. It came on Tuesday and the fabrics are so pretty. Because shipping was free this comes out to not much more than $6 per yard.




I have always loved the fossil fern fabrics and have used them in a several quilts. The trouble is I never bought that much of them and none of my local stores carry them anymore. I don’t know why I bought so little of them. I think I am going to get a lot of use out of this box of fabrics. If nothing else they make great eye candy! My daughter wants me to make a rainbow quilt for her. I think we have the rainbow in this box!


The palest green is a fossil fern.






Some of the pale green and the dark blue are fossil fern fabrics.









One of the dark purple mountains is a fossil fern. That sky and water fabric were hand painted by me. That sky was one of my finest pieces. This was the first quilt that I completely free motion quilted. I decided that I need to force myself into it or I would never learn.



Thanks for reading and go over to Nina-Marie’s Off the Wall Friday where she is always up to something good. Check out the other artists, too.



  1. The strangest thing is happening....for the last week.....I can't see any of the pictures in your blog posts. All I see is empty space. Other blogs show up fine. I wonder if anyone else is having this problem?

    NancyB in AZ

  2. Nancy, that is really odd. Not sure what is happening there. I see pictures no matter what computer I use and whether I use ie or firefox.

  3. I tend to follow my adage of quilt down the background so the design comes forward. But in this case I would nix that "rule" and let the misty fog come forward....and outline quilt each tree and branch...all of them even the faint ones as best as you can. Ditto the piper. Foreground...just a few curve lines closely spaced following the contour will give you some depth. That's just my will find the perfect stitching for it I am sure.

  4. I love the piece, but would not use invisible thread since it tends to be shiny. I would quilt around those background trees in shades of gray.

  5. I too love fossil ferns. I think I bought the lime green one three different times and probably couldn't find a scrap of it left. Nice example quilts.

  6. Love Misty Morning! I like your ideas for the quilting. Not everything needs to be quilted to death.
    I also love fossil ferns! Recently found a couple of strips in my scrap bag. I wish I had seen the sale on FF, it would have been nice to add to the stash.

  7. I just love fossil ferns. I missed that sale! What a treat.
    Go with your instincts on the quilting. Handle it and you'll know what to add, what's needed. I know what I'd do but it really doesn't matter what I'd do, right? Your work is beautiful, just take a moment with this moody piece.
    leeAnna Paylor

  8. Misty morning is a beautiful piece.

  9. Beautiful!!! The mist is soft and subtle. I love Fossil Fern I use a lot of it, would love to treat myself like you did. You deserve it!

  10. I was hoping you'd stick to invisible thread on this. I think it needs very careful and subdued quilting in order not to detract from the ethereal mood you've created. A few virtual trees might work. You might do foreground stitching resembling short grass, clumps of it perhaps. Or just some wavy lines running "downhill" to suggest topography.

  11. I agree with invisible thread (or at the very least, thread that 'tones in' as Jan Beaney would say). I also agree with minimalism...dense quilting would distract. I'd suggest sticking to vertical lines...perhaps just outlining the trees -- and maybe the piper silhouette -- would be sufficient. I often get criticized for not doing more quilting on my work, but I believe in letting the piece tell me what it wants rather than following current trends just because everyone else is.

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