Thursday, May 29, 2014

Off the design wall and onto the wall

Misty Morning Piper is finished so is officially off the design wall. I even sewed a sleeve on it and hung it on a wall in our house.
I love when a new quilt turns out to be the same size as another one that is hanging already. It is always good to change out a quilt for a new one! Especially when the one being replace was made from a kit and is not an original quilt.

I sent it into Elizabeth to get her final feedback. As you can see I did not do a lot of quilting. I quilted around all of the trees and the piper and quilted some skinny “virtual trees” in the background fog. The foreground just got some simple quilting, too. I decided to face the quilt so I got in some more practice doing that. I must say I still like doing binding better, but I guess this one called for a facing. I wonder if my husband will notice the new quilt hanging when he gets home! It is a pretty dramatic change.

Misty Morning Piper ended up being 18 in by 28 in. No matter what EB’s feedback will be, it is already hanging on a wall….and I like it!

Canal houses2
I am not sure EB has a lesson for us in June. I think she is away teaching a class in Paris and I think we may be on our own. If that is the case I think I will work on my canal house quilt. I worked it up in Electric Quilt and I already have the pattern printed for it.
Idaho Beauty suggested that I take away the extra 2 houses at the far right end of the street.  I think this does look better without them. One of the things I keep seeing in the enlargement is that the houses seemed too fat and not tall and skinny. I think this was actually due to the extra two houses making the sketch wider. Now the sketch is tall and thin and the houses look thinner. Funny about how illusions work. These house are no fatter than they were before, but look thinner.

Not sure about the placement of the illuminated windows in the edited sketch.  Are they now too close to the center of  the quilt? What do you think?

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Linking to Nina-Marie's. She had been hand dying...30 yards worth! Check it out and the other artists there.


  1. LOVE love your misty morning piper.

  2. Both of these pieces are beauties and well worth the effort. Blessings!

  3. Misty Morning Piper is just great! I love the subtlety of the colors. It really creates a unique atmosphere- almost mysterious.

  4. I think it's beautiful! I love the subtle color shifts- you really captured the feeling of a foggy misty morning.

  5. I love Misty Morning Piper! What a wonderful piece! Bravo! Wow - love the design, love the execution! Hope you can do the canal houses soon - another fabulous design and I love the stretching out of the height of the houses. best to you, deborah

  6. Gorgeous!! I would love this on my wall! You did a great job, showing fog and mist. And the hidden piper, adds a secret spice to it.

  7. The quilting on your fog piece turned out well - I like those ghost trees.

    Not sure I can handle the pressure of being responsible for your editing of the canal house piece - yikes! But I agree - so fascinating how it changed the perception of the proportions of the houses remaining. They DO look skinnier.

    I don't think you need to change which windows are lit up. The current ones are just slightly off-center. The eye goes right to them and they seem in a good place to me. I naturally then move my eyes to the right where they catch the other windows which are either lit with a different light (tv in a darkened room) or reflecting outside lighting, then roam back around to check out the houses on the left. This one will be good too.

  8. Your Misty Morning is very lovely, etheric.


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