Friday, August 29, 2014

“A New Dawn?” is done

Well almost….still have to face it. Maybe I will get to that this afternoon.

The title came from a friend that I had back in grad school in the 1970’s. I just recently reconnected with him on Facebook. We were both physics majors at Arizona State University. Other wonderful titles were suggested to me as well. Thanks for all those suggestions.

I think I accomplished my goals with this quilt. The finished size is 11 in wide by 27 inches tall. The smoke from the coal stacks takes up most of the space in the quilt which is what I wanted to emphasize. The sky is pretty in contrast to the smoke and pollution.  In fact here is a physics lesson for you….Particles of pollution in the air actually make a sunrise and sunset prettier. The Sun’s light scatters off of these particles making a more beautiful and colorful sky.





The CO2 letters in the lighter smoke are subtle as is the CO2 that I quilted in the dark smoke.







Some other close ups.

I am thinking that maybe I should display this quilt next to my windmill quilt from February. Fossil fuel usage vs. renewable wind energy. They both have dramatic skies!


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Linking to Nina-Marie. She has been doing her off the wall Fridays for 2 years now.


On a different note: Started my last semester of teaching yesterday. Retirement in December!

Also I got my feedback from EB right after I sent my photos in to her an hour ago. Here is her feedback.

I very much like the subtlety of the letters - at first you are drawn in by the beautiful sky and the interesting shapes that the smoke makes - but the closer you get the more you realize that this is not good, this is pollution and you are going right into it and it's taking over.  Well done, student 4 - you've used the letters to create a clear message but done it in a way that engages the viewer completely.
And this quilt does compare and contrast very interestingly with your February windmill I hope that the assignments to come will further the series!!  I think September should be a possibility!


  1. These two quilts are so impressive!
    How exciting for you that you are going to retire. I retired from teaching two years ago. It's so great on many levels. Enjoy your last semester.

  2. Ditto to all the good things you and Elizabeth have said. I was way off in thinking the sky should go brighter (a couple weeks ago); the grayer red works so perfectly!

    And what a title!

  3. Well, retirement is certainly closer now. What will you do with it? I retired early from elementary teaching in May 2005, and I still am not sure when I found time to teach. Probably I had more energy then, too. =) I taught on the west side of Phoenix for many years, started at U of A, but graduated in New Jersey. I did get my master's from NAU, though. Funny to see ASU mentioned in a post!


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