Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Revised blocked quilt

Well I searched my stash for a darker and more grayed sky fabric after EB’s comments. I came up with a hand dyed piece of fabric that I bought from Gloria Loughman when I took a class with her 2 years ago.

Hopefully the face is a thing of the past, but I find that if I stare at the picture long enough I can see all kinds of faces! Its just like looking at cumulus clouds. I have no problems finding animals and faces in the clouds.

Here is the revised quilt. I just sent it off to EB for feedback. Now I need to work on a title….

  “Burning Fossil Fuels”

  “Climate Change”

  “21st Century Challenges”

  “The Pool of Truth”

  “What a Pretty Sunset”

  “Are Humans Smarter than Frogs in a Pot?”

?????? something really clever?

Any ideas for a title?



We are heading out later to Delaware so I am linking to Nina-Marie today. I wonder how her letters are going.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Looks good. What about "Trouble Brewing" for a "clever" title?

  2. Awwww, I didn't see the profile until I read her response and when I saw it I went ohh! Cool! I have to disagree with EB on taking it out, but that's just my humble non expert opinion. I agree with her liking the subtle CO2 though. If you had the profile still I would call it Up in Smoke.
    I love it ;-)


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