Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Feedback already…Yikes

All that thought about the sky and it was a something E was not crazy about. Here’s the blocked quilt and what she said.

I think this works very well and the CO2 in the clouds is nicely subtle - it's always good to have something for the viewer to "discover"...I would make a couple of minor adjustments, that's all:
1.  you have a profile of a guy with a sharp nose on the top left hand of the darkest cloud and once you see that...you see nothing else!!!...
2.  The red fabric looks a little flat somehow next to the  clouds...I know you said it's sky but being lighter, warmer and more saturated it's advancing...and so I read it as flames rather than sky....perhaps adding a little white here and there to the smoke??  another possibility would be to have it more graduated in color..I like the yellow down near the smoke stacks by the way.  The sky is lightest near the horizon .
Don't think you need the two red bits at the top...either more than that or less than that.
So a little adjustment of the edges so that there are no profiles - unless this is a    silhouette of the Great Polluting Oligarch himself!!
And a little fiddling  around to push the sky back a bit more....
and it will be perfect!!  Good one!!  And of course I definitely am in agreement with the message.

Wow I did not even notice the face profile at all. Now that she mentioned it I do see it. That is an easy fix. Now to look for a different sky fabric. At least she did not think the black smoke was too dark which is what I was worried about. All the other things I did not see at all. More learning to do.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I thought from your last post you had sent her the actual piece. I never noticed "Mr. Sharp Nose" either, till she mentioned it. Makes me wonder if anyone would. I don't read the red as flames, but then again I live out in Big Sky Country where it could be all night sky and no flames. EB, I believe, lives in a city on the east coast of the US and probably hasn't seen a realsunset in years. All that said, over all, the critique is very positive, with her suggestions being meant as 'tweaking'. I'd be pleased. :-)


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